Iceland is a beautiful country brimming with lots to do and plenty to see. With dramatic landscapes and stunning scenery, the island is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and avid adventurers. Whether you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the northern lights, want to get up and close to wildlife or are looking for plenty of nature to explore, there is something for everyone here. 

Many visitors book trips to Iceland in April, due to the multiple activities and changing weather. This provides an excellent time to visit for those planning to spend much of their time outdoors. With spring on its way, there are plenty of things for tourists to do around the country. 

If you’re planning to visit Iceland in April, you’re likely in need of more information. This article includes top recommendations about the weather, what to do and see, key events and an essential packing list. Keep reading to learn more about this fascinating place, so that you can visit here with everything you need to know in mind. 

Weather in Iceland in April 

One of the first things to consider when booking a trip to Iceland in April is the weather. This can be a deciding factor for many tourists, as the climate may restrict certain activities when visiting. Much like many of the other months in the year, the weather is known to be inconsistent. With this in mind, it’s best to plan for all conditions. April has been known to rain, snow and display lovely sunshine throughout the month. 

However, don’t let the unpredictable weather deter you from visiting Iceland in April, as there are plenty of things to do and see. As long as you pack all the right gear, you can still make the most of the great attractions and stunning landscapes during this time.  

What’s the Temperature in Iceland in April?

The temperature in Iceland in April averages between 1°C and 7°C, and is the first month it rises above freezing. This is a great time to visit for those who prefer to avoid the exceptionally chilly winters that the country presents. 

Daylight in April in Iceland

Those who visit Iceland in winter are aware that daylight hours can restrict many activities across the island. However, April changes significantly with around 13-16 hours of daylight throughout the month. This is a great time to stay for those who plan to travel around Iceland or anyone hoping to avoid the dark winters. 

Things to Do in Iceland in April

If you’re seeking the best places to visit in Iceland in April, look no further! With so much to do and see here, it can feel a little overwhelming when deciding where to go. Below are our top recommendations for things to do in Iceland during this time, this way you can pick the ones that best suit you. 

Chase the Northern Lights

One of the main things that tourists want to know is whether you can see the Northern Lights in Iceland in April, and the answer to this is yes you certainly can! This is an ideal time to catch a glimpse of the natural spectacle as the slightly warmer weather provides more comfortable temperatures for watching the lights. 

The only difference between seeing the Northern Lights in April is that there are more daylight hours, which means that visitors need to head out later to watch the impressive Aurora Borealis. Not only are you met with a pleasant climate in April, but adventuring out at night to chase the lights provides tourists with a fun experience whilst visiting Iceland. 

Visit Glacier Lagoons

Another popular attraction in Iceland is the impressive glaciers. These are certainly worth a visit and should be on your itinerary when planning a trip here. More than 10 per cent of the country is covered with ice caps,  meaning there is plenty to choose from during your visit. 

With so many glaciers littered throughout Iceland, it can be difficult to narrow down the best ones. However, a favoured choice is the Solheimajokull glacier. Here you will find a beautiful rugged ice formation that glimmers in different shades of blue under the light. This is also an excellent place to partake in glacier hiking and ice climbing. 

For those seeking the largest glacier in Iceland, Vatnajokull is the place to go. There are hiking trails surrounding the impressive ice structure, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a jam-packed day of exploration and adventure. 

Many more glaciers around Iceland are worth exploring. They all have something unique to offer and are situated in impressive landscapes and breathtaking scenery. Wherever you decide to go, will find a place brimming with exceptional natural beauty and bucket-list adventures. 

Spot Wildlife 

When wondering what to see in Iceland in April, the intriguing wildlife should certainly be on your itinerary. As you travel across the island, there will be opportunities to catch glimpses of whales, puffins, dolphins and much more. This provides an excellent way to spend some time with family whilst making memories and experiencing more of the country’s wild side. 

Whale Watching in Iceland 

Whale watching is very popular in Iceland, with certain times of the year providing better sightings of these beautiful giants. There are some great whale-watching tours which allow for the best way to get up and close to these beauties.

Not only do the tours take you to the best places for whale watching, but you can also learn more about Iceland along the way. A boat excursion is an excellent way to spend your time in the country in April as you take in the stunning surroundings and magnificent wildlife during the trip. 

Spot a Puffin in Iceland 

Puffins are another reason why so many go to Iceland each year. These little cuties tend to spend most of their time at sea, however, from April to September it is possible to catch a glimpse of them on land. This is another excellent way to learn more about the country and all the wildlife that call this place home. 

The best way to see these lovely seabirds is by tour. Visitors tend to head to Reykjavik where you will find Puffin Watching Boat Tours. The excursion is usually around 1 hour and takes guests out to sea to see these exceptional birds in their natural habitat. 

Go Hiking

With exceptional landscapes and stunning scenery, it comes as no surprise that so many go to Iceland to make the most of the hiking trails. There are plenty of hikes to choose from and where you decide to stay will help determine which routes to take. 

Many tourists also choose to plan a road trip around Iceland, this way they can explore several of the trails around the island. A popular route is the Reykjadalur Hot Spring Thermal River path. Here you can wander along the 1-hour hike that leads to a hot river, this provides the perfect place to relax before heading back. 

If you’re chasing waterfalls in Iceland, Svartifoss is the hike for you. Weather will need to be on your side to attempt this walk, so if you’re lucky enough to take the 40-minute stroll from Skaftafell you will discover a stunning waterfall at the end of the trail. This is an excellent way to explore Vatnajokull National Park, all whilst taking in the sensational surrounding nature. 

There are many more hiking trails to choose from, all of which have something different to offer. Whether you’re seeking glacial adventures or a gentle stroll, there is something for everyone in Iceland.  

Driving in Iceland in April

If you’re planning to visit Iceland to see all that this wonderful country has to offer, there is no better way to do it than by driving. This way you get to choose what to see and where to go, all in your own time. Road trips are very popular around the island, as it allows for the perfect way to experience the stunning landscapes and top sights in one trip. 

As the weather has started to warm up in April, you will find that most of the commonly used roads are now open and clear for motorists. However, if you plan to journey further into the highlands, some of the more rural F-Roads might still be closed from winter. It is best to check online before attempting to drive on these routes, as they can be dangerous during harsh weather conditions. 

For those planning to drive around Iceland, it is important to assess how to travel. With rental companies providing ideal transportation, it makes sense to hire a car for your road trip adventure. Be sure to check out the weather beforehand, this way you can decide what type of vehicle you need, and ask the right questions before heading out on your journey. 

Events and Festivals in Iceland in April

April is an excellent time to visit Iceland for those hoping to learn more about the country’s traditions and culture. There is no better way to get a sense of the island than by attending events and festivities. You will find several happening throughout the month, all of which allow for a unique and exciting experience when in Iceland. 

Below is a list of events and festivals in Iceland in April. With so much going on during this time, it comes as no surprise that so many tourists choose to visit during spring. Browse the events to find the perfect ones for you during your stay. 

  • Eve Fanfest
  • First Day of Summer
  • AK Extreme
  • Reykjavík Children’s Culture Festival
  • Aldrei For eg Sudur

Not only does Iceland provide visitors with exceptional landscapes and stunning terrains, but there is no better way to celebrate your adventures than attending events in the country. Not only do you get to experience traditional festivities during this time, but with many of them in the renowned Reykjavik, it also provides the perfect opportunity to explore this outstanding city. 

What to Pack for Iceland in April 

To make the most of your time in Iceland in April, it’s important to pack appropriately. The unpredictable weather and changing conditions often mean visitors are required to pack for differing climates. 

Check out the list below to learn more about what essentials should be included on your packing list for Iceland in April. 

  • Warm, winter coat. 
  • Waterproof jacket. 
  • Comfortable and waterproof hiking boots. 
  • Towels. 
  • Bathing suit. 
  • Comfortable footwear. 
  • Thermal layers. 
  • Waterproof trousers. 
  • Hiking trousers/comfortable trousers. 
  • Thick socks. 
  • Hat, gloves and scarf. 
  • Toiletries. 
  • Medication. 

There will likely be more to add to this list, as it comes down to personal preference, alongside what activities you plan to do during your stay in Iceland. Hopefully, the items above will help get you started. However, we do recommend that you start packing early and keep an eye on the weather before your trip. 


We hope after reading this article you can now start planning your visit to Iceland in April with all this information in mind. No matter what you decide to do during your stay, you will find a place brimming with adventure and exploration. This allows for the perfect place to unwind and relax, all whilst taking in the magnificent natural beauty that surrounds this wonderful country. 

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