For Peace of Mind, Choose Premium Coverage and Relax!

Upon collecting the rental vehicle there is NO DEPOSIT.

Fara will record payment card details in case of: unpaid rental days, traffic violations, missing fuel, vehicle collection and exceptional cleaning charges.

If you book a premium vehicle there is a deposit of 50,000 ISK (approximately 350 EUR).

What is covered?Yes, I want to protect myself***No, I want to take the risk*
Deductible, aka excess charge, for damage or theft
Repair costs, including wheels, mirrors and windows
Sand and Ash damage
Gravel damage
Enhanced Collision Damage (SCDW)

Why Customers are Satisfied with Premium Coverage

  • We cover all exterior parts of the vehicle
  • Excellent value
  • Instant compensation in most cases.
What’s Covered ***What’s Not Covered*
✔ Refundable theft deductible✖ Damages that result from not adhering with the terms of your rental agreement including terms and conditions.
✔ Bodywork damage by collisdshield and windows✖ Wind damage to doors. Damage to roofs.
✔ Mirrion✖ Towing costs, tyres and underbody damage.
✔ Winors
✔ Wheels
✔ Scratches caused by gravel
✔ Paintwork damage covered by sandstorms and ash blowing.
✔ Personal injury
✔ Third party damages

Other Information

Extending your rental

It is important to contact Fara if you need to extend your rental so that the premium overage can be extended. If you extend your rental past the date of your Premium Coverage ends, damages and fees incurred might not be covered.

Deposit information

Standard cars: No deposit (a credit card imprint will be taken)

SUV/4×4, van and premium vehicles: 

  • Basic (*) protection: 200,000 ISK
  • Premium (***) protection: 50,000 ISK


To cancel Premium coverage please contact Fara in writing. It can not be cancelled after your rentals pick-up time.


We review many claims on the spot. Other claims are reviewed on average within 3 working days.

The following documents will be required for all claims:

  • Signed rental agreement.
  • Vehicle condition form.
  • Accident/Collision Insurance Form
  • Photographs and videos if available.
  • A written police report if available.

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